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Mug cake

It’s the end of the year– what better way to celebrate than with cake?

But when you just want a slice of celebratory cake after having finished your final paper, you probably don’t want to go to the trouble of baking a whole cake, especially if you aren’t celebrating with a huge party.

Well, look no further for a single-serving recipe, because this is about to make your cake-eating life exceedingly easier.

This recipe is a single-serving cake in a mug and only requires a few ingredients that everyone should have in their pantry.

So when you want a small treat but don’t want to be eating leftover cake for a week, this dessert is something you can always turn to.

Bon Appetit!


You need:

4 T flour

2 T honey

3 T milk (dairy or non-dairy)

1 T butter

3 T chocolate chips (semi- sweet, dark or milk all work)

1 egg (or egg white)

½ T cocoa powder (optional)



1. Beat the egg in a separate bowl.

2. In your mug combine, milk, butter, honey and then egg.

3. Add the flour, chocolate chips and cocoa powder to the wet ingredients.

4. Cook on high for three minutes in microwave.

5. Let stand for at least two minutes before indulging in this delight.



If you beat the batter too much it will be tough and rubbery.

This cake is great for a quick fix, but is not comparable to the gooey greatness of a slow-cooked cake straight from the oven.

Similar cake recipes can be found all over the internet and all have slightly different ingredients and cook times. Be bold and have fun experimenting with a few different recipes to find your own go-to celebratory single serving dessert.