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Puget Sound ranked among most awkward universities; Gina, will you go out with me?

So, Umm: Gina, I just found this and I think I see you in the back left. It's really funny

A recent list released by the online news aggregator The Huffington Post ranked Puget Sound among the 46 most socially awkward college campuses in the nation. Hey, Gina, its Ford. We had lab together for the past two semesters. I sat on the opposite side… Anyway, I was wondering—I mean if you’re not busy or anything, and it’s totally fine if you are—but I was wondering if maybe sometime you wanted to go on a date?

The information on The Huffington Post was compiled in a study conducted by, which provides absolutely no information on how the study was conducted.

I mean, I know you’ve got Crew (I saw you guys working out), and that you spend 5-7:30 every night (except weekends, of course) doing homework in the library, but I think if you took the time to get to know me that you’d see we have a lot in common. I’d love to show you my collection of handpainted Warhammer 40K figurines, and if you want you could help me paint some new ones. I know you’re good at crafts from our freshman year art class. Remember how good that painting was that you did of two cups pouring into each other?

With eight universities on the list, Massachusetts was the biggest contributor. Puget Sound was the only college from Washington that made the list.

Students at Puget Sound have had mixed reactions to the article. Of the 30 people selected by The Trail to be interviewed about the Huffington Post article, 20 refused to answer emails or phone calls, seven scheduled meetings but never showed up and three people screamed and passed out when our interviewer took out a pen to write down their answers. All of the selected students see the interviewer on a regular basis between classes, but are so enamored by their phones or the ground that they do not make eye contact.

So please, please, just give me a call if you want to get dinner or something sometime. You already have my number; I put it in your phone when you went to the bathroom in lab on Tuesday.


So, Umm: Gina, I just found this and I think I see you in the back left. It's really funny