Campaign courts youth registration

Resident Community Coordinators (RCCs) sponsored a new event on campus in conjunction with ResLife called the “New Voters Campaign” on Wednesday, Feb. 29.
According to RCC Brendan Trosper, the New Voters Project’s main goal is to register students to vote and to mobilize their voice in local politics. “Statistics show that citizens aged 18-25 are showing up on the polls less and less,” says Trosper, “by registering to vote in the state of Washington they can create and maintain a relationship with the community outside of our beloved ‘bubble’ while they attend UPS.”
At the event, students were able to register to vote in all states online, to learn about different ways to get involved in the Tacoma community and listen to Professors Emilie Peine and Richard Anderson-Connolly, Dean of Students Mike Segawa and University Chaplain Dave Wright speak about the importance of voting and being a vocal and political member of our society.
The program was headed by Sierra Phillips, a senior interning with the national Student PIRGs organization.  Phillips is collaborating with a number of different groups on campus, including RSA (Resident Student Association), CIAC (Community Involvement and Action Center), SSSJ (Spirituality, Service and Social Justice), and the RCC Staff Team.