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Fujiya Japanese restaurant: authentic, affordable, appealing sushi can be had in downtown Tacoma

Tired of “sketchy bento” on 6th?  Ready to try something farther than the slightly less sketchy bento on Pearl? Looking to venture downtown? Fujiya Japanese restaurant offers the perfect escape.

A recent outing led me to have a lovely new dining experience in downtown Tacoma’s at Fujiya.

This gem of a restaurant is out of the normal perimeter for restaurants that Puget Sound students frequent and is off the main drag of downtown boutiques and dining establishments.

We parked at street level and then climbed a set of stairs to the second level of the building and entered the restaurant.

At the entrance, the sushi bar is at the diner’s immediate left and tables for two line the wall directly parallel. The restaurant has a homey feel and is a comfortable atmosphere for couples and families alike.

Upon being seated, we were lucky enough to be served a complimentary tempura clam with a sweet dip to appease our hunger. Not expecting an amuse bouche, this little morsel was the perfect treat.

After enjoying the gift from the chef we ordered two rolls: a caterpillar and a chicken yakisoba for dinner.

The food was sent to the table quickly and even after our first roll arrived we were given another sampler, this time of a spicy tuna wrapped in seaweed and fried.

The catipillar, our favorite roll of the night, was pleasing to both the eye and the taste buds. The roll was arranged in the shape of a caterpillar with avocado placed on top for the “back”, and eyes and antennas were also created.

Similarly, the chicken yakisoba was worth the price tag. It could easily feed three or be taken home for a quick meal.

The prices are moderate: don’t expect to go and spend less than $15. Most dinners range between $11 and $20 and sushi rolls are between $5 and $13.

Wine, beer, sake and sodas are available at $7 a glass for local wine and a 300ml bottle of sake is available on average for $14.

Lunches are served at Fujiya 11 a.m.—2 p.m., and Monday—Thursday 5 p.m.—9 p.m. the restaurant offers all you can eat sushi for $21.95.

Aside from having a high quality meal the other outstanding aspect of our experience was the wait staff.

Our waitress was highly knowledgeable and able to easily recommend rolls that were new to us and create a diverse spread of fish and flavors. The little restaurant turned tables over quickly, even past the normal dinner rush.

To experience a new sushi restaurant in Tacoma head down to Fujiya, located just half a block away from the Murano Hotel. 1125 Court C., Tacoma. 253-627-5319.