School installs new bike racks

The dearth of bike racks on campus has led to bikes being illegally locked on handicap handrails, making the rails largely inaccessible. A new method of enforcement was implemented on Sept. 26 to keep the handrails clear. Any bikes found locked to handrails will be impounded and students will have to prove ownership in order to reclaim their bicycles at security by describing their bike and its location.

As of Sept. 28, no bicycles had been impounded.

Todd Badham, Director of Security, said handrail congestion has only recently become a large problem. According to Badham, locking a bike to a handicap rail is against federal law, specifically the American Disabilities Act.

The school is in the process of installing new bike racks on campus; however, this requires careful consideration of both aesthetics and safety issues. Reduced bike use in the winter also makes it hard to estimate the number of racks needed and where.

Badham also says some bike racks on campus are under-used.

“Students aren’t willing to walk across campus, it seems. They want to be in close proximity to where they’re going,” he said.

He added that students need to use bike racks when commuting, rather than for storing their bicycles.

There is some discontent among students about the shortage of bike racks on campus.

Cameron Afzal, ’13, said, “I know the library situation looks to be in the process of rectification, but the fact that there remain heavily trafficked areas on campus lacking adequate bike locking racks is troublesome.”

Afzal said the school should be more supportive of bicyclists, as the school claims to be sustainable.

Badham says it is not an issue of sustainability.

“I see it as an equal opportunity and equal access issue,” he said.

He said he hopes his campus bicycle use policies are approved soon, so students can have a clear, comprehensive guideline when using their bikes on campus.