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Women’s Lacrosse rounding into form after slow start to 2011 season

Lower Baker has been abuzz with the change that has occurred for the women’s lacrosse team. The team struggled at the beginning of the season. But, after posting four victories in a row it appears as though the girls have finally found their stride.

Last season, the Loggers posted a record of 11-2. According to senior Katie Pavlat (Eugene, Ore.), this was the team’s best season in school history.

Tragically, this season proved difficult at the beginning with four consecutive losses. Their style of game has shifted from that of past seasons, but the results of the past four games bode well for the rest of the season.

Captains Ana Calciano, Anna Gunderson and Pavlat are using their past experiences on the team to help their team grow and continue their winning streak.

“I struggled with how I can best help lead this team in the beginning of the season, but I have now found my groove. I hope that also goes for the team overall. We had a slow start, but I think we have found that spark that will lead to a successful rest of the season,” Pavlat said.

They have indeed found that spark. The Loggers’ most recent game against visiting North Central ended in a 17-11 win. This was the fourth successive win for the Loggers.

Sophomore Julia Schulman proved to be an integral part of the team as she put seven goals to the board.  However, it was a combination of offense and defense that allowed the Loggers to play as strongly as they did.

“Over the past season our team has strongly developed defense and offense sides of the field to make sure both are really strong. This season we are developing all aspects of the field separately at times and bring it all together. In the past we have been a transition team, and I think we still have a strong transition but this year the team has found more success in settling on offense and working on different plays and strategies,” junior Rachel Ivancie (Steamboat Springs, Colo.) said.

For the remainder of the season, it will be crucial to continue to bring all members of the team—offense, defense and midfield—together.  Communication will be essential if the team wishes to continue their winning streak.

“We’re really starting to come together as a team. We’re finding our rhythm and it bodes well for the rest of our season,” senior Gunderson (Bloomington, Minn.) said.

Every day the team works hard, building the relationships and the trust needed for optimal team play on the field. The women’s lacrosse team is a fantastic example of sportsmanship.

“I am so proud to be a part of Logger lacrosse. We play teams that yell at each other, at the coaches, and at the refs. We’re always supportive of each other and are respectful no matter the score. We might get frustrated but never take it out on each other. I really think we uphold the values of sportsmanship, and that’s so important,” Gunderson said.

The team will host Linfield at 6 p.m. on Apr. 2.