Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

The following note was delivered anonymously to The Trail’s campus mailbox and received on Nov. 11, 2022.

You and the student paper are about to be besieged with the results of an effort coordinated by a large and militant group of faculty who cannot abide by the recent decision of the Board of Trustees to accept only a portion of the recommendations put forward by those same faculty. This group is organizing its messaging to the student newspaper. As you begin to receive enquiries and guidance from this portion of the faculty, you might keep some of the following in mind: 1.) Many faculty feel diverse opinions and criticism are not welcome in public conversations on campus, 2.) Some faculty feel the plan put forward to the BoT was fatally flawed, 3.) The University of Puget Sound should definitely not follow the lead of those universities that have dissembled departments and the liberal arts, as those sorts of universities face the worst enrollment problems today, 4.) It’s inappropriate of those faculty to coordinate their attempts to embroil student energies into a fight they just lost. Perhaps your commitment to the craft of journalism would have revealed these tensions without this anonymous note.

From the Editor:

Despite a lack of clarity in this letter, we greatly appreciate any and all feedback, warnings, threats(?), etc. Besieged and militant are certainly choice words but fear not, we have faced no such mob.