Letters to the Editor

Background and Resolution from October Faculty Meeting:

At the October 2022 meeting of the Board of Trustees, the Board voted on the President’s recommendations to move the university towards financial equilibrium by the end of Fiscal Year 2026. General bullet points were shared with the university community. The plan was not. Faculty requested to see the full report and supporting documents that were provided by the President and ultimately approved by the Board. To date, the President has not shared those documents with the faculty.

This is a departure from the transparency and collaborative process the president says undergirds the review process and our movement forward. Because these recommendations include proposed changes to the educational environment and curricular programming their non-disclosure is a violation of shared governance. Therefore, be it resolved:

“The faculty believe the President should provide access to the full report and supporting documents laying out the evidence and the plan ‘A Sound Future.’ Failure to do so is a direct assault on the principles of shared governance and precludes the possibility of support for and collaboration with implementation of the plan.”

This resolution presented by Professor Monica DeHart was passed unanimously by the Faculty present at the Oct. meeting.