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Welcome Back College DJ’s!

By: Sara Orozco

  Deadlines were Friday, September 16th for any students on campus interested in running a radio show with our own radio station KUPS 90.1 FM. There were more applications this semester than have been seen in the past four years. The available genres—Loud Rock, Hip Hop, Alternative and specialty—received enough applications to most likely fill our entire airtime. Speciality in particular received a whopping 61 applicants, making those slot more competitive. But don’t fret! KUPS will be hosting a plethora of events this semester, including frequent open mics and all kinds of collaborative goings-on with different clubs on campus, such as Puget Sound Outdoors and Crosscurrents (pstt—in a club and want to collaborate with KUPS? Get in touch! Reach out to gm@kups.net and let us know your ideas).

  In case you haven’t heard of us—we are a student-run non-profit radio station, named one of the best college radio stations by the Princeton Review. If you have any interests in music or really anything at all, you should think about filling out an application for next semester! 

  Finally, thanks to everyone who was able to come to our open mic night in Oppenheimer Café on Thursday the 22nd. If you weren’t able to make it to this one, keep your eyes open for the next ones! There will be plenty more before the semester is over.