Combat Zone

Logger Chats

By Grizz’s Toe

“I feel like I have no friends on this campus. Everyone has their own little cliques and it feels like I was late to the making friends party. What do I do?”

  The more people you talk genuinely to on this campus, the more lonely you realize everyone is.  No seriously, no one has friends, it’s all one big facade. So don’t worry, be happy. Jk Jk, sort of… anyway, in all honesty, “finding your people” takes time, and a lot of that time sucks. You really do have to be patient. I’m not going to tell you to put yourself out there more, because that’s dumb but finding that club that fits your weird niche is a good way to go. If you’ve got an itch for taxidermy, check out Slater Museum; if you’re an old lady at heart, check out Stitch and Bitch; if you’re into women, check out sororities.  

  Many of the campus submissions fell somewhere along the lines of not having friends or asking how to meet people—proving my original point that friendship on this campus is a LIE—I hope it’s a comfort to know that you aren’t alone even if it feels like it.  

“My roommate be moaning so loud in the middle of the night thinking I can’t hear him.”

  Moan back.

“What do I do if I was at your mom’s house last night?”

  Go to CHWS, get tested and seek regular counseling.

“I have a crush on my professor and have a hard time focusing in class. What should I do?”

  don’t. stop that. that is reverse predatory behavior. see above.

“I’m homesick and anxious and don’t know what to do with myself.”

  Cry and walk and cry and walk. Call your loved ones. Go to therapy. Walk until your heart stops beating out of your chest— sometimes that’ll just be a few blocks, most times it will be 20,000 steps— not speaking from personal experience or anything. It gets better, and no one warns you about how homesick you’ll get, but it is normal.