The Happy Trail

Happy Trail Crossword

How well did you follow this section this year? Try this puzzle out to see!


5   The time when genitals are more sensitive due to increased

    blood flow

8   Kink community who ritualize consent

10 The tingle makers

12 Anti- sexual violence group on campus

16 One more than nice

17 Activist Garza who came to campus during the RPNC

20 How Bennett suggests one should sleep, for mental and

    physical health

21 Saying someone is straight because they have only been in

    heterosexual relationships can be an instance of this

25 Genre of hardcore gay porn popularized in New York in

    the 70s

27 Center of many colors that provides LGBTQ+ resources

    and programming to Tacoma

28 Pioneering Happy Trail writer Spongeworthy

29 The listeners of Puget Sound

31 French philosopher who examined the history of Western

    sexual liberation and repression

33 A way to breathe easier

34 What a pegger needs

35 Comedian Kevin who embroiled himself in homophobic

    controversy early this year

36 A LGBTQ+ group that rose from the ashes this semester



1  Host of women’s self-respect workshops on campus

2  Oft-censored portion of chest, for short

3  Roughly one in eight people between the ages of 14 and 49

   in the U.S. have the genital version of this STI

4  Rams player Michael who came out in 2014

6  A slippery tool to lessen your chance of contracting HIV

7  Acronym for 2017 film about a gay couple set in Italy

9  Cup that holds blood

11 A dating app without an e and occasionally with toxicity

13 Lack of sexual desire, for short

14 Meme group founded by Loggers in 2016 as a space for

    women and non-binary people

15 Where the naked run happens

18 Announcing these in group settings is becoming

    widespread practice

19 Sex is 1,000 times safer with this tool, whose flavored

    version debuted in 1995

22 A term used to describe people with anatomy that does

    not fit historical gender binary distinctions

23 A term coined in 1970s San Francisco to describe people

    with multiple partners

24 The name of a Netflix show as well as a contested portion

    of curriculum in many public schools

26 An acronym describing longing for someone other than

    your partner

30 Plaintiff’s pseudonym in landmark abortion Supreme

    Court case

32 A community on campus who bonded together through

    the Understanding Sexuality club in the 90s