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Records fall, but so does the Logger football team

The football team had a record -breaking weekend against Lewis and Clark, resulting in another heart breaking loss against the Pioneers. Junior Adam Kniffin (Salem, Ore) had a breakout game with a record-setting 19 catches and another record five touchdown receptions. This back and forth game also broke the record for total points in a game, with 132 points; total yards in a game, 650; and total passing yards in a game, in the 68-64 loss. Quarterback Duncan White (Lake Oswego, Ore) had a fantastic game, passing for 625 yards and a record-breaking eight touchdown passes.

The defense had a tough game after two big injuries changed the starting lineup. Senior Tyler Vlasak (Sumner, Wash.) is redshirting the rest of his season due to a knee injury and defensive back Cory Dunn (Portland, Ore.) tore his ACL in the Loggers’ last game against Willamette. Junior Justin Erickson (Eatonville, Wash.) said, “We’re really missing Cory and Tyler out there. Having two senior captains go down with season ending injuries is tough to cope with. The leadership and level of play they bring to every snap is impossible to replace. We have some guys playing in new positions as a result of their injuries so we need to have a sharp week of practice and iron out the kinks early so we’re all full speed Saturday against Pacific.”

Other offensive contributions were made by sophomore Myles McDonald (Vancouver, Wash.) who racked up 136 yards and had one touchdown, sophomore Lukas Diesing (Niwot, Colo.), who had 85 yards of receiving and one touchdown, freshman Thiesen Chang (Vancouver, Wash.) who had a total of 95 yards and had one touchdown, and junior Ryan Rogers (Tacoma, Wash.) also with a touchdown and a total of 73 yards.

In the fourth quarter, the Loggers were behind 42-61 but made an amazing comeback to take the lead with 27 seconds left.  Just when you thought that the Loggers had sealed the win, the Pioneers crawled back with a great kickoff return and a couple of passes to take it in for a final touchdown and the win.

With only two games left, the Loggers have a chance to come together as a team and finish the season on a high note. Sophomore James Korn (Bothel, Wash.) said, “We have a chance to exemplify our team’s values through our coaches and players by finishing the season with class, by giving our best effort in preparation to be successful on the field.”

Sometimes when you are faced with a tough season you look towards the future for improvements.  Korn said, “As for next year’s team,  this adversity shows us how tough it is to win a game in the NWC. We know based on the results of this year that it takes more than great effort and passion on the game field to get victories because we showed great fight in every game.”

Next week is the Senior Game.  The Loggers take on the Pacific Boxers, who are 0-4 in conference. The Loggers, who are also 0-4 in conference, beat the Boxers in a pre-season exhibition game earlier season for their only win of the year.