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Will Your Favorite Show Return?

College: The classes, the friends, the knowledge, the socializing, the TV shows…. Yes that’s right, let’s all be honest; most of us are adding on one more major: procrastination with an emphasis on television.

This time of year, there are two important drafts happening: the NFL drafts (#GoHawks) and Network Renewals. I will be going over many of the major shows on television and outlining what networks have rumored their fate to be.

Let’s start with ABC programming.  ABC has renewed “How to Get Away with Murder.” Good news for fans: Viola Davis, the actress who plays the daunting law professor, has signed on for a second season.  Originally, she had only signed on for one season, but she is eager to continue working on a new season filming this summer. ABC also renewed “Rookie Blue” and “Dancing with the Stars.”

“Castle” is believed to be renewed as well.

Last season’s finale has certainly taken “Castle” in a new direction. Many new plot twists and turns are believed to come and some big questions are still looming.

ABC has already announced the cancellation of “Selfie” and “Manhattan Love Story,” both of which I will be sad to see go.

Many shows have yet to be confirmed for another season.  ABC has not released the verdict on “The Goldbergs,” “Revenge,” “Once Upon a Time,” “Nashville,” “Last Man Standing,” “Fresh Off the Boat,” “Black-ish” or “Cristela.”  ABC is waiting to see how these shows’ ratings stand before making any official statements.

The CW has renewed “Arrow,” “The Flash,” “Reign” and “The 100.”  The CW also announced the renewal for “The Vampire Diaries.”  This will be its seventh season.  Given the show’s many seasons, it might be hard for it to continue to hold onto their core group of fans for another season, but the CW is giving it a chance.

The CW has yet to announce the official fate of “Hart Of Dixie,” but rumors are not promising. The CW is waiting to see how the last few episodes of its current season’s ratings look before making an official announcement.  I personally love this show and hope The CW chooses to give it another chance. It has a core group of devoted fans, so we shall see… my fingers will be crossed in hopes that it is picked up for another season.

CBS has announced the renewal of “Under the Dome,” “Two Broke Girls,” “NCIS: New Orleans,” “Mike and Molly” and “Madame Secretary.” They have also renewed “Scorpion” for a second season. Fan favorite “The Big Bang Theory” was renewed for its ninth and 10th seasons.  Producer Chuck Lorre suggests that these may be the final seasons, but no official announcement has been made.

Alright Loggers, that’s all for now.  Hopefully you found out that at least one of your favorite shows will survive for another season.  Many of you will need to wait to find out how current shows ratings fair… I’ll keep you posted­—gotta work on that TV major!