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Bra-blematic choice


Big-breasted compatriots, it’s time to ditch the over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders.

Although bras can be cute, or even beautiful, the harsh reality is that they are rarely comfortable. For A and B cups, the solution is simple; ditch the gear. But for us larger laden ladies, leaving our breast friends unsupported doesn’t seem like a viable option.

But what if we could change that?

All that bra burning of the 70’s seems to have fallen by the wayside. Many women feel that they would be violating a social code, regardless of bra size. And it is true that going braless means some people will ogle. If the price of physical comfort is a few sideways stares, women often feel that the choice is simple. It’s better to be a little uncomfortable in a bra than be judged by others.

However, a new study may actually contradict that assertion. A 15-year study of 330 women found that women who chose not to wear a bra had greater muscle tissue to support their breasts. Essentially, the path to perkier breasts is the one less traveled. Additionally, some participants reported decreases in stretch marks and back pain. However, some researchers caution that the sample population may not be representative of women globally.

One the other hand, the study does confirm that pursuing a medical degree could mean you end up measuring boobs for 15 years (which might make the tuition worth it).

Boobs are great and fun and they can be a lot to manage. They get sweaty and heavy and sometimes if you hike bra straps up too much they leave indents in your shoulders. Sometimes bras are beautiful, but especially for those with more bounce per ounce, bras can feel like a torture device.

Bras can be fun, beautiful, comfortable and flirty. But we should never feel like we have to wear them just because we are a little larger.

For all the men reading this article because you saw the word “boob,”  please allow us to go without a bra without ogling. We know they’re bouncy, but holy nutcracker, we just want to walk around without a metal wire cutting into our chest.

We are not going braless because we want the attention (believe me, boobs get enough attention even when they’re fully supported). The only statement we are making is “I could not mentally prepare myself to put that death chamber on today.”

Some women feel more comfortable wearing a bra, sometimes for safety but also because it can be painful to walk down stairs without one. That is a perfectly valid reason to wear one!

However, if you look forward to taking off your bra at the end of a long day as much as you look forward to eating chocolate cake, maybe it’s time to consider that bras are really not worth all that.

It isn’t absurd that women should be able to have both physical comfort and social acceptance. Let’s make our campus one in which people can choose to wear whatever is most comfortable, regardless of size or shape. Let’s learn to celebrate our bodies and treat them however works best for us.