Letter to the Editor #1, Vol. 103, Issue 16

To Whom it May Concern,

I read Mariana Molina’s letter to the Trail on March 14th. I was touched and sympathetic to her plight. At the same time I was angered because of the circumstances surrounding her anguish.

When her parents came here illegally they came with good intentions. To better their lives and that of their children. Evidently they have done well financially to have been able to send Mariana to this university. What makes me angry is that their efforts, their energy and their money would have been better spent in some way or fashion straightening out their legal status as immigrants to this  country.

In life you try not to let circumstances of life control you. You try to control the circumstances. With perseverance, patience and effort, Mariana’s family could have had Mariana’s main concerns under control.

My wife is Philippina. Six years ago we petitioned to have her son and family come here. Her son was able to come right away. His family is still in the Philippines. It has been a slow and sometimes frustrating process but sometime this year the family will finally be together here. The immigration process could be better but with a dysfunctional congress that has argued and debated the issue for years instead of fixing the problem Mariana and her family are left with fending for themselves. Coming here illegally was a poor gamble. With time and effort exerted these circumstances we are discussing should already have been addressed. I wish only the best for Mariana and her family.


George Martinson