Edition 3

In this edition, the Trail continues to cover 2020’s chaos. This week we bring you a personal look at this year’s Diwali, fall 2020 graduates at the University of Puget Sound, and ridiculous on-campus COVID-19 testing lines.

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Campus COVID-19 Testing

Written by Lili Stevens. For the students who have been lucky enough to live on campus, or who live close enough to campus to participate, the University of Puget Sound has been hosting free COVID testing days for students, faculty, staff and community members since early September 2020. In these events, hosted by the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department, participants are able to get tested and receive results quickly for the small price of waiting in line outside the Wheelock Student Center.  On most days that I have participated in, the...
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Fall 2020 Graduates

Written by Hadley Polinsky. Graduating college is a major accomplishment and should be celebrated accordingly, but Fall 2020 graduates may not get to experience the normal fanfare that accompanies graduation. Not only will many Fall 2020 graduates be graduating without their friends by their sides, but they are also entering the real world during a global pandemic.  “I am excited to be done with school and to be moving on to the next phase of my life but I am kind of bummed that I am graduating with no one...
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Diwali 2020 and New Religious Accommodations at the University of Puget Sound

Written by Rachel "Checks" De Guzman. Have you lit your candles yet? Are you dressed your best? Have you reached that internal point of disco ball chic? Are you ready to dance?    These are the questions that a former student at the University of Puget Sound, Sahiti Shankar, once asked me in 2018 when we celebrated Diwali together.   At the time, Shankar had long missed her home community and remembered her favorite memories of Diwali with them. Community is such a large part of this time of year....