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Community shares concerns on sexual assault reporting policies in second Speak Up! forum

While sexual assault, misconduct, and harassment have always been a part of the conversations on college campuses (sometimes in good ways and sometimes not), this year there has been a venerable explosion of coverage around the nation on this topic. Not to be left out of the conversation, Puget Sound students have taken up the call and have been asking, demanding, and shining the spotlight on these issues and what the campus has been doing or not doing. The culmination of these conversations were the Speak Up! forums. These talks...

Sexual Misconduct Summit

On Nov. 6, students had the opportunity to not only familiarize themselves with the policy and procedure regarding harassment and sexual misconduct, but to give constructive feed back to what they saw as issues on the topic as well. Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean Students Mike Segawa reminded attendees that though he was proud of where our campus was on this topic, he also strongly believed that that we needed change. The meeting began with a welcome from some key figures on campus that represent students and faculty...

Student vs. Teacher: Is there neutral ground to using electronic devices in class?

As technology becomes more prevalent and useful, teachers and students need to find ways to incorporate these new advances with traditional teaching methods. Teachers are finding themselves discouraging laptop use to take notes in class due to it impeding academic performance. However, students find that using a laptop to take notes is more convenient. “I prefer taking notes on the computer because I can type faster than I write and will correct spelling,” sophomore Eden Ehrmann said. As more communication is being conducted through computers, students are finding that writing...

Frightmare Theater seeks to attract viewers

Campus Films has recently been trying to start a few programs out side of their normally scheduled campus films, most recently the Frightmare Theater: a midnight showing every Friday of a different B-rated sci-fi horror film. However, these efforts have been met with a virtual deadwall from the campus. So far, Frightmare Theater has brought in only a handful of students, mostly friends of the Campus Films club member who puts them on, freshman Zack McDowell. The two main problems that McDowell is faced with putting on these alternative shows...

LiNK to visit campus, raise awareness about issues in North Korea

Puget Sound club Model United Nations is bringing non-profit organization LiNK to campus on April 7 and 8 to raise awareness of the struggles North Korean people go through every day. The presentation will be threefold: the organization will table in Wheelock Student Center on April 7, and give a joint lecture and documentary showing on the 8. LiNK, which stands for Liberty in North Korea, is an organization run by dedicated and passionate individuals who commit their lives to raising awareness and funds to help refugees who have already...
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