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Becca Miserlian, Editor-in-Chiefis a junior from Neenah, Wisconsin. She is an English major with a minor in Classics and is also a member of the Honors Program. In her free time, Becca enjoys reading, playing the piano, and playing racquetball. She can be contacted at








Nayla Lee, Social Media and Outreach Manager, is from Long Beach, California. She is a Business & Leadership major and an African American Studies minor. You can probably find her eating garlic or trying to look at her vagina with a handmirror (for research).





Sienna Murphy, Website Editor, is a sophomore from Phoenix, Arizona. She is a Philosophy major and Business minor. On campus, you can most likely find her singing, swing dancing, playing the harp, or sipping a chai in Oppenheimer Café. Sienna can be contacted at