Combat Zone

The Puget Sound Black Market is having a Black Friday Sale!

To help prepare you for Black Friday, we sniffed out some of the best deals you will find at the Puget Sound Student Black Market.

1. Pack of 40 Styrofoam coffee cups, $4.98: These sturdy, Puget Sound branded, cups are guaranteed not to biodegrade, and pollute the Earth for thousands of years.

2. Stuffed Grizz, $1,200: What better way to represent our school mascot than by owning an 800 pound, taxidermied grizzly bear? Grizzly bears are almost extinct, so get yours while you can!

3. 12 pack of Four Loko, $8.99: We have numerous 12 packs of Four Loko, which was recently banned in Washington. Now you can almost die in style for the low price of only $8.99!

4. Six crates of real hatchets, $375.00: These hatchets, made by children in Indonesia, are perfect for equipping your people for whatever purpose: turf wars, blood feuds, or throwing at your favorite RDG members to show your Logger school spirit!

5. Bulletin Board Kiosk, $200: This sturdy, wooden bulletin board kiosk is great for putting up postings, and getting your message out to the whole community! (Just to clarify, all resemblances to the bulletin board that used to be outside of the Library are purely coincidental. This was not stolen. Not at all.)