Articles written by: Blair Nekkid

The Happy Trail

Stand With Monica: Combatting Phoenix’s Project ROSE

A page on Phoenix, Arizona’s Sex Workers Outreach Project website is asking people to sign a pledge protesting Project ROSE (Reaching Out to the Sexually Exploited), a program tied with recent laws that claim to “rescue” sex workers. Most recently, the project has gained media attention because of the arrest […]

The Happy Trail

Dance, sexuality intertwined

Dance is an incredibly powerful action. Sometimes, in the midst of our crazy lives, we forget to take time to dance. Sometimes, even when we’re in the position to dance, we get self-conscious and forget to let go, be ourselves and let the movement permeate our beings. This, in my […]

The Happy Trail

Slurred words and blurred lines: Understanding the problem of consent while under the influence

The intersection of alcohol and consent on college campuses is a complicated issue. Many students are undoubtedly consuming alcohol, and a lot of these students are also engaging in sexual activity. Whether it’s a coincidence or because they feel the need for “liquid courage” in order to initiate a sexual […]

Combat Zone

Obama vs. Putin

Through means that definitely do not have any parallels to Netflix’s ‘House of Cards’, so stop asking, The Flail has acquired part of the transcription of a recent conversation between Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin regarding the recent Ukrainian uprisings and crisis in Crimea.  This leaked conversation gives a clearer […]

The Happy Trail

Babeland hosts consent workshop for students

On Tuesday, Feb. 24, hundreds of students piled into Schneebeck Concert Hall for the consent workshop put on by Babeland, a sex toy shop in Seattle that focuses on personal empowerment and community education. Several campus groups hosted the event, including WIXEN (a club focusing on women’s intersectionality, empowerment and […]

The Happy Trail

Trans* visibility in the art community

In his most recent performance-art project, Heather Cassils spent 20 minutes attacking a 2,000lb clay sculpture in the darkness with only the occasional flash of a camera to illuminate his work. The piece, which was recently named as the winner of a 2013 MOTHA (Museum of Transgender Hirstory & Art) […]