Campus witnesses slew of bicycle theft: 14 so far

There is no doubt that bicycles are great for moving around campus. They are carbon-neutral and a good way to exercise as well. However, the rise in bicycle theft on campus makes students who use these vehicles reflect on how they utilize safety precautions when not riding. Despite precautions, many students are unaware of the prominence of bike theft and the measures that can be taken against it. “It’s a problem that we face each fall for a lot of reasons,” Todd Badham, the Director of Security Services, said. “There’s...

PrintGreen implemented, though not without issue

We’ve all had a time when we have printed a bunch of papers. Maybe you were organizing a large party, or maybe you needed to print several papers for a class. Regardless, it’s a small amount considering the number of pages printed by students at the University of Puget Sound over a semester. Since the introduction of print tracking at the University in August of 2011, Technology Services has seen students average over 400 prints during one semester,  with occasional spikes of over 5,000 pages. Excessive printing can be a...
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