Fall break: Students take a brief hiatus from studying, catch up on some much-needed R&R

Fall break took place at the University from Oct. 19 to Oct. 22. The entire student body and most of the faculty got four days off of school to relax, rejuvenate and enjoy the foggy fall weather.
This was the longest weekend that most students have had since the beginning of the semester, and many Loggers seemed determined to make it worthwhile.
Many students went back to their hometowns to visit family and friends.
“I went home for a night since I live so close to school,” freshman Jen Madera said. Madera is from Mercer Island, Wash. “It was great to hang out with my mom and have home-cooked pasta.”
Freshman Cassidy Lenseigne from Bothell, Wash. also went home for most of the weekend.
“I hung out with my mom, who recently had surgery, and I spent time with my best friend from back home. I had a great time.”
Freshman Lauren Thomas traveled to Spokane with the women’s soccer team to play against Whitworth University.
“My sister is on their soccer team so it was a lot of fun to play against her. After that I spent time with her and the rest of my family,” Thomas, who is from Woodinville, Wash., said.
While some had the opportunity to see their families again, some traveled to other cities or into the great outdoors.
“My buddies and I went camping out by Mount St. Helens,” freshman Jack Kelly said. “It was such a cool experience.”
Another freshman, Audrey Kaufman, went down to Olympia and Portland. “My friend and I spent some time in Olympia and then took a road trip down to Portland to visit friends.”
Angelica Spearwoman got to spend some time with her cousin, who lives in Tacoma.
“It was great to have a bathroom and a bedroom all to myself, and the home-cooked meals were great too,” she said.
A lot of students stayed at school and enjoyed the company of their floormates as well. Some students were frustrated by the fact that many people left campus.
“There [was] really not that much to do, and since Diversions has limited hours and the Cellar is closed there [weren’t] many places to hang out,” freshman Kelsee Levey commented.
Despite this, many people found ways to recover from midterms and have fun.
“I slept a lot and I spent some time with my new best friends whom I became really close with this weekend,” Spearwoman said.
“I celebrated my friend’s birthday with her and also caught up on sleep,” freshman Marisa Christensen said.
Levey caught up on all her favorite TV shows as well. “Lizzie McGuire, New Girl and Even Stevens were what I watched.”
Many students enjoyed partaking in fall-themed activities as well, visiting pumpkin patches, enjoying the cool weather and baking treats for their dorm.
“I got frozen yogurt at Black Bear and snuggled by the fire,” Levey said.
They enjoyed that the weather over fall break was very foggy and spooky looking.
“The fog here [was] so cool, it [made] me feel like I go to Hogwarts,” Levey said. “I really loved the eerieness of the fog.”
Overall, many Loggers enjoyed their fall break and felt rejuvenated and ready to begin the second half of the semester.