ASUPS website gets an upgrade

It seems to be the year of exciting additions to the campus – not only the unveiling of the new Commencement Hall, but an opportunity for students to enhance their learning with the launch of the new ASUPS website.

The website brings with it great features such as information about clubs, sustainability and a calendar of campus events.

The project was spearheaded last April by the Director of Marketing and Outreach, Kathryn Ginsberg ’14 and the Director of Technology Services Vikram Nilakantan ’14.

Their goal was to create a website that could be the homepage for the students, as a sort of      one-stop shop for any and all campus-related questions, as well as activities on campus and in the greater Tacoma area.

The home page was created last spring and presented to the ASUPS executive board.

Ginsberg and Nilakantan both have extensive experience with graphic design, web design, and coding and spent this summer working to bring their vision to life.

“There were a lot of late nights and deadlines,” Ginsberg said.

The ASUPS website existed  prior to this most recent launch, but it has been described by many of the students as underutilized and not user-friendly.

After the overhaul, the website now features quality banners linking to various campus events,  poster request information linking clubs to great event advertising opportunitiues, and the new Local Logger feature and information on how to get a free Orca card.

More features are coming soon: the two executives are working on ways to improve the calendar feature of the website and get van rentals put online.

The site is also linked to the plasma screen above the diner, which streams tweets and Instagram posts that tag the University.

One of the most exciting aspects of the new website is the Local Logger feature. Gone are the days of free ASUPS planners with coupons for various local spots; instead this feature promotes easy use and access anywhere.

According to Ginsberg, hard copy coupons were not being used, but with the accessible deals online, students can find great places to go in Tacoma. The feature is aimed at students who are new to Tacoma, but even seniors can benefit from great deals and the chance to discover places in Tacoma.

The Local Logger will be updated throughout the year, so there should be no shortage of new places to find and opportunities to take advantage of.

The two already have a new project in the works; it should be implemented upon the students’ return from the winter break.

Described as an interactive activities forecast, it will be a touch screen stand by the information center that can be used by students to see what is happening throughout the week and by visiting parents and prospective students to get a better idea of campus activities and Tacoma life.

“We wanted to make sure people, especially freshmen, have a better idea of what ASUPS does and that it exists in the first place,” Nilakantan said.

ASUPS is aiming to make what they do more relatable to students.

“We want to reach every single student, not just the ones who are really involved,” Ginsberg said.

Students with feedback are encouraged to email the Associated Students of the University of Puget Sound members or drop by their office hours so the staff behind the site can truly get an idea of what students want and need from this new service.