Secret confession: my love of UPS Confessions

Everybody has heard of it, or see it for themselves, or even sent an anonymous confession to upsconfessions@yahoo.com. That little thing that keeps popping up on your Facebook feed is full of juicy gossip, random venting and sometimes stories of tragedy.

I am sure that the original creater of the page did not expect to post stories about suicide and depression, but it seems that students have used this as an outlet.

I think the Confessions page is a fun way to use social media and confess things that are harmless and at times hilarious, but there are times when it is not appropriate to post your secret on an anonymous site that is open to any stranger in the world.

I love reading these, as they are a fun way to look into the secret lives  of strangers, and nobody knows who they are, to guess if they are true or not. It is also a place where people take the opportunity to hold interesting discussions on various topics such as wealth and sexuality.

I loved reading the one where a student confessed that being rich has its own set of problems associated with it, and people always assume that their life should be perfect, so they keep their wealth private.

This brings up an interesting point, considering the how much distrust people in the middle class have towards people who have made it to the top 1 percent.

The post provoked great conversation about perspective and preconceptions towards the wealthy.

I love to see the outpouring of support for the people who post about their sadness that they feel they can’t express in any way besides on a public forum.

It is warming to see how everybody welcomes the person to either talk to them privately or consult  CHWS for professional help (which is really the best option.)

It is not shameful to go to a doctor for your mental health, yet there seems to be a stigma about it that is represented in the confessions.

Also, the random misspelled, obnoxiously funny stories about weird sex adventures never cease to amuse me. It seems like a drunk kid wanted to be funny at 3 a.m. and posted his thoughts to an email, and well, it’s frickin’ hilarious.

I do not see a problem with this page being kept up, even though some say it has the potential to mar the Puget Sound name with its “raunchy” confessions.

Since there is such a prominent explosion of these confessions pages for many colleges in the United States, as well as the ability for anyone to create the page again, it is unlikely that the University will take any steps to delete the page. If it’s inevitable, we may aswell enjoy it.

If we as a community are able to better regulate the page itself, andnot post incriminating or discriminatory thoughts, then the page will continue to exist as a hilarious and unconventional way for our campus to unite in its uniqueness.