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Alternative options for coffee shop studying exist at close distance

Midterms: you survived all the papers and exams, but just barely. It’s only just the beginning of the year, but you must already be burned out on your favorite study spots.
The library is great, until it suddenly becomes too quiet—or too loud. Yeah, you two can discuss the need to wear makeup to look alive, but not in the Learning Commons for two hours.
Diversions and Oppenheimer are fine places to study, but can be entirely too social as you write up a lab report. This leaves studying to off-campus locations.
Locations that are of walking distance and prime for studying are often coffee shops.
Many people feel obligated to buy a drink to use the free Wi-Fi or to occupy a table, but if you spend an hour or so in their establishment without purchasing you won’t do any harm to their business.
The closest off-campus coffee shop is Metronome, located on 6th and Union. A Puget Sound student’s haven, this establishment offers arguably the best coffee around, along with friendly baristas and ample seating both inside and out. The late hours (11 p.m.) ensure students can always be found here.
Starbucks on Proctor is a nearby option. A table is usually open and music plays faintly in the background to provide just enough noise to cover the voices of specific conversations.
If you need a coffee fix, Americanos are the cheapest and will give you just enough buzz to stay focused. The only drawback is the early closing at 7:00 p.m. and the 3-4 p.m. rush of rowdy middle schoolers.
If you live on the other side of campus, Starbucks is also present off of 6th Ave. It’s open one hour later and does not have the afternoon rush of middle school students purchasing their orange mocha frappuccinos.
A quirky option that always has plenty of seating is the Safeway cafe lounge. This study spot may sound odd, but you won’t be interrupted. Working on an assignment here leaves food and drink at your fingertips, and it’s only 10 minutes by foot from campus.
Are you an adventurer? Do you enjoy long walks and a view of the water to ponder your thoughts? The Spar, at the bottom of 30th in Old Town, is 30 minutes from campus by foot and offers a stunning view of Commencement Bay.
The Spar is a coffee shop in the front and a restaurant and bar in the back. Their lattes are sold at a reasonable price and the seats look out on 30th Street.
You’ll be inspired to keep working because you know eventually you’ll have to walk back up the hill, and postponing the uphill walk by completing homework is the best option.
On 6th Ave., you can find a trendy, upscale coffee shop, Blue Beard Coffee Roasters. This coffee shop offers diversity in their lattes; aside from the usual soy or cow’s milk, almond and rice are also options for those avoiding dairy.
The tables are spacious and windows line both walls, providing an open atmosphere that won’t cloud your thinking.
The nice amenities do come at a price, and if you feel obligated to purchase a drink, expect to a pay a bit more, but keep in mind you are supporting a local business.
If you haven’t become bored of campus study spots yet and are attached to your table in Diversions or the library, believe me, the day will come and you must be prepared. None of these options require a car and any will be a breath of fresh air as your studying takes its toll.