ASUPS executives work to deliver on promises

This year, the Associated Students of Puget Sound executive officers are hard at work continuing the projects of past ASUPS officers, as well as undertaking new projects of their own. The ASUPS executives are comprised of President Brian Ernst, Vice President Rachel Borsini, Director of Technology Services Daniel Bahr, Assistant Director of Technology Services Lukas Janssen, Director of Media and Outreach Allie Gorton and Director of Business Services Scott Miller.

“ASUPS will continue its excellent work this year by providing students ways to become involved, have their voices heard and choose how their $210 fee is spent. ASUPS will continue its excellent work in programming, club support and financial allocations that help make this University a great place to be,” President Brian Ernst said of the major goals ASUPS has for the year.

To begin their official terms, the ASUPS executives distributed ASUPS sunglasses and produced a few outreach videos, as ASUPS Director of Media and Outreach Allie Gorton described them, which featured Puget Sound’s mascot The Grizz. Although these videos did not attract the attention that Gorton had hoped, she said that she was glad that ASUPS was not afraid to try “something new.”

The goal was to inform freshmen and other students about ASUPS. Gorton described ASUPS as previously being a sort of anonymous presence on campus, a group that everyone was aware existed but was not really sure what they did.

This year, the new ASUPS officers are hoping to change that. “We just wanted to let new students as well as returning students know that we’re here and available,” Gorton said.

Aside from the more managerial duties like maintaining and updating the ASUPS’s governing documents, ASUPS executives have begun other, more visible projects around campus. For example, students of all disciplines now have access to Thompson Hall and its after-hours study spaces 24 hours a day.

The ASUPS executives are also in the process of making renovation plans for Club Rendevous, which is connected to The Cellar in the basement of the Wheelock Student Center. “An underutilized space,” according to Ernst, the ASUPS executives are looking to making it an “exciting and fun place to be.”

Other things to look forward to include a calendar of events that will be accessible to all students and the utilization of the new ASUPS website to email groups and club members as opposed to using individual students’ webmail accounts.

When asked if there was anything related to these upcoming projects or about ASUPS in general that students should know, Ernst responded, “Yes! I’d like the student body to continue to visit the ASUPS website for more updates and announcements. I’d want readers to watch out for concerts, lectures, and events through posters and online announcements.”

The new website ( features updates and information by ASUPS executives regarding the more than 100 student life and ASUPS-sponsored clubs.

“The website provides a resource to help our clubs and helps the ‘go green’ attitude. I think it’s a cool idea and a good way to get your clubs out there,” Gorton said.

Beginning in March, the previous ASUPS officers prepared and coached the incoming officers. Incoming officers also got to attend a leadership conference with student governments of other universities in Denver, Colo. There, our ASUPS executives were able to gain insight and inspiration concerning how to best advertise and increase student involvement.

“At the conference, a lot of other schools start from scratch, but we get to carry over ideas and projects from our outgoing officers. We’re lucky in that way,” Gorton said.

“Rachel and I were lucky to learn under Marcus Luther and Garner Lanier and continue to build upon the excellent foundation Luther and Lanier built during their time in office,” Ernst said.

“I wanted to be involved in ASUPS because I love the University of Puget Sound, the community and all the work that ASUPS oversees. I’m hoping that this passion and drive for the student body translates directly into my work as ASUPS President,” he continued.

“I’ve tried to pick projects that directly impact the student body and poured my passion and energy serving students through meetings and office hours. If you have anything you’d like to see accomplished this year, email me!”