Student besparkles exiting Santorum

Rick Santorum probably could have had a better visit to Tacoma. Not only was the former senator from Pennsylvania and presidential hopeful’s rally marred by chants and “booing” from Tacoma’s Occupy protestors, but the candidate was “glitter bombed” by a Puget Sound student on his way from the rally.

“He [Rick Santorum] had glitter cascading down the front of his sweater vest, all down his back, through his hair, and his giant forehead shone in the flashes of photographs like Ke$ha had just vomited on it,” wrote Paul Constant of Seattle’s weekly publication, The Stranger.

Santorum’s visit came on the heels of Gov. Christine Gregoire signing a bill that legalized same-sex marriage in Washington. The new law was a topic of discussion during the rally.

Santorum has long been in conflict with the gay community. In 2003, after making comments comparing gay relationships to pedophilia and beastiality, columnist Dan Savage waged a google-bombing
campaign to redefine the word “Santorum.”

Savage’s definition, while too frothy for publication in this newspaper, is currently the first non-sponsored link to appear on Google.