ASUPS seeks student input of Rendezvous

ASUPS would like Club Rendezvous to live up its name and is turning to the student body for help. The Rendezvous is the lounge space attached to The Cellar in the basement of the Student Union Building. ASUPS Vice President Garner Lanier initiated the discussion over the future of Rendezvous at a Nov. 20 meeting with student leaders and managers of The Cellar and Diversions Café.

“I think a lot of people would agree that Rendezvous is currently an under-utilized space that needs some major changes,” Lanier said. “Rendezvous is a student space, and I think it ought to be more conducive to student performances and interaction.”

While many agree on the potential for improvement, no plans have been formalized. Club Rendezvous currently offers a ping pong table, pool table, foosball table, and two TVs. Club Rendezvous’ stage has hosted campus bands, sketch comedy groups and After Hours programming to name a few. The space is open during The Cellar’s operating hours.

Lanier floated the idea of new furniture, new lighting, cell phone service or a new TV as possible improvements. ASUPS Senator Santiago Rodriguez also pointed to lighting as an issue.
“From personal experience, I think we need to change the atmosphere. The Rendezvous is very large and gloomy,” Rodriguez said. “I feel like it should be a conversation for all students, but that’s hard to do.”

Both Rodriguez and Lanier emphasized the need for student input moving forward, as the project is still in its infancy. Lanier would like to have plans ready in the next month or two.

“We encourage anyone with ideas about how Rendezvous ought to be utilized or what amenities it should provide to please come talk to anyone in ASUPS or Senate,” Lanier said.

ASUPS Senate meets formally on Thursdays at 7 p.m. and is open to all students. Once plans have been drawn up, ASUPS will request funding in the same way that any student organization would and final approval will come from the ASUPS senate.

A budget for the project has not yet been estimated.