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The Loggers defend the home turf

The Loggers stayed perfect at home after their two games against the Pacific Boxers and the George Fox Bruins. Before the start of the match, the players’ parents were honored with a ceremony, thanking them for their continued support of their sons.

It was a tough win for the Loggers. The winning goal came in the 70th minute with a shot by sophomore Vincent McCuskey (Seattle, Wash.) and an assist from senior Terence Blackburn (Tacoma, Wash.).  Junior Chris McDonald (Newton, Mass.) had a series of saves on the day, putting up his 16th career shutout. If the Loggers’ defense keeps playing like they did this weekend, McDonald has a good shot of breaking career shutout records.

On Sunday the Loggers put up impressive goal numbers. In the first five minutes of the match, freshman Connor LaFerriere (Tacoma, Wash.) scored with a high-legged kick that went right over the keeper’s diving attempt to stop it.  Then in the 32nd minute, sophomore Andrew White (Steamboat Springs, Colo.) skipped one past the Bruin’s keeper and just before the half ended, junior Ryan Rash (Federal Way, Wash.) sneaked one into goal for a 3-0 lead.  Keeping focused and ahead is important for the Loggers.

“Well, coming into the game we knew that George Fox was a team that didn’t give up and were consistently dangerous on the attack, so we knew that we had to stay sharp in order to prevent an mistakes.  More importantly though, we get a big boost from substitutes that come into games like that.  Some of them don’t see the pitch often, and because of that they’re committed to making an impact on the game and fighting for a starting spot.  It’s their chance to show everyone that they belong on the field, regardless of the score at the time,” senior Peter Russell (Beavercreek, Ore.) said.

McCluskey had two goals in the second half. The first came from a deflect off a Bruin defender, causing an own goal, the second from a cross from White to make the final score 5-0.  Winning at home is definitely a big deal for the Loggers.

“At home every player really focuses on doing their part. I believe as a team at home we are very comfortable and confident which has allowed us to get the results we desire,” senior Marcus Rudd (Seattle, Wash.) said.

Currently the Loggers are averaging two goals per game, making for some exciting soccer. Next week the Loggers take on the Lutes at Baker Stadium.  As always, talk of rivalry comes with playing Pacific Lutheran.

“I think that the nature of the PLU versus Puget Sound games makes it more intense for everyone involved, and especially when we are competing for the top spot in the conference. I don’t know if we think of it as much as a rivalry game as much as a game against a good opponent who we are very competitive with,” McDonald said.

“When we start to get caught up in the antics of a rivalry game we start to get away from playing the kind of soccer that we want to play. So in that sense I think we like to think of it more as a matchup against another first place team and a chance to win another game at home.”