RHA holds elections, welcomes new execs

Residence Hall Association (RHA) elections this September yielded 30 new executive members, all of whom are now part of the extensive Residence Life network.  The RHA training retreat, hosted by the Resident Student Association (RSA) at the end of September, is designed to prepare them for the job of managing overall wellness in the dorms.

Wellness remains the primary theme, but this year’s members plan to approach this objective through special emphasis on new programs and regional participation. In the spirit of accessibility, RSA Advisor Jenni Chadick has also created a website for the program. Information about the five RSA executive members (elected in February) can be found on the website; however, RHA names and contact information are not yet available online.

Each RHA has five executive positions including Green Advocate, which is new this year. RSA Vice-Chair and Green Advocate Sarah Egger-Weiler created the manual for this position, which allows RHAs to facilitate sustainable practices in the dorms. Green Advocates work directly with Sustainability Services to promote the Loggers Live Green program.

All programs are designed according to the Residence Life Wellness Wheel model. Each RHA-sponsored program is supposed to fit into at least one of the six areas represented on the Wheel: physical, occupational, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual.  The comprehensive nature of this network is meant to ease the transition from home to college, though some wonder whether this kind of structure only postpones tough, “real-world,” adult lessons until graduation.

Social events, according to Chadick, tend to get more attention and attract larger groups of students, but RSA also hosts programs like yoga for stress relief and Career & Employment Services workshops. Additionally, programs are often tailored to the demographics of each community. Two of the best-known social events put on by RHAs are the Yule Ball and the spring dance. Casino Night, an RSA event that raises funds for the Community Involvement & Action Center (CIAC) program Kids Can Do!, will be held on Oct. 22.