Meeting our Freshmen: The class of 2015

The Class of 2015, with a total of 686 students, represents 34 states and 473 high schools.  Its profile reflects national trends in only two major areas: non-Hispanic white students still make up the majority of the student body, and the women outnumber the men.  The number of UPS freshmen who belong to minority groups has increased by one percentage point since last year.  At the national level this number is growing slightly faster, according to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES).  NCES also reports that female students took the lead in the 1980s and have remained the majority since then.

22% of UPS freshmen identify with underrepresented minority groups

57% are female

Other details in the freshman profile speak to the school’s selectivity and location:

92.6% are from the top half of their class

16% are first-generation college students

33.5% are from California.

The most unusual trend to be repeated by this freshman class is the large percentage of students hailing from California.  The freshman profile may not set or break trends from previous classes, but according to Director of Admissions Fumio Sugihara, this does not mean they are not exceptional: “This entering class is in line with Puget Sound’s high academic expectations and we are excited to see them in the class room.”