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Postmen off to a ‘righteous’ start

In the Third Annual Homecoming Alumni Ulitmate Frisbee game this past Saturday, Sept. 17, there were cheers, jeers, and the alumni playing “far too seriously”.

Per usual, the alumni came out in full force for this game dressed in their “work attire” and having an all around great time. With a final score of 17-12, the Postmen finally took one from their alumni challengers, who have won the past two years in a row. Senior Kyle Sleeper (Highland Park, Ill.) said it felt “righteous” to win and, rightfully so, considering it wasn’t an easy match. The Postmen had their work cut out for them when the alumni made clutch plays early on to take the lead. However, in the end, the younger got the best of their alumni friends and took home the win in the last half.

The Ulitmate Frisbee team, the Postmen, is a tight nit community. This fun-loving and loyal community is what facilitates the success of the alumni game each year. Sleeper said, “I think our alumni have had extremely positive associations with their experience eon the team from when they were undergrads, and they have also done a really good job of bridging the generation gap so that the younger players still feel connected to the old folk. We have immortalized many of our alumni in team lore, and I think that while they appreciate the recognition, the pedestal that their legends stand on need to be shattered. They enjoy being real humans.”

The current members of the Postmen share a bond that can easily been seen on the field, but they also share this bond off the field. For instance, Sleeper mentioned that as a team they have their own special language, and they cook, eat, and play games together.

For any interested freshmen, transfers or anyone looking for an all-around good time, the Postmen are holding official tryouts after winter break.  Competition is fierce, but they offer two teams so that everyone gets a chance to play. There are more games to come this fall and a couple of tournaments, so keep your eyes posted for those black and blue jersey’s out on Lower Baker.