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Novice boat claims title for crew at NCRC

It was an exciting week at the NCRC Championships on Saturday. The women’s novice boat saved their best for last as they took home the gold in an impressive win against Humbolt State. It was a mere 0.4 seconds that edged them in front of their opponents in the heated battle.

Freshman Molly Larsen (Anchorage, Alaska) said, “It was an amazing and slightly unbelievable feeling to win our race. We had come close to beating both Western and Humboldt earlier in the season, and we knew that winning was within our ability, but it wasn’t until we were approaching the dock after our race and I saw our coach on the dock with a huge smile on her face and one finger in the air that it actually sunk in that we had won.”

The women’s V8 boat placed second in their race, coming in just behind powerhouse Western Washington with a time of 7:06:87. The women’s V4 boat took third in their race with at time of 7:51:11.

Freshman Hannah Maurer (Berthoud, Colo.) is looking forward to next year. “I don’t know about the other people on my boat but I know that I couldn’t stop rowing even if I wanted to. Next year is going to be even better than this year, because we are going to keep working hard and accomplishing our goals.”

The men’s team took fourth in both their V8 and their V4 boats, and overall the Loggers team came in fourth place, beating out Willamette, Lewis & Clark and Pacific Lutheran. The only teams to beat the Loggers were the non-division III schools also competing in the regatta.

Junior Alec Scott (Oakland, Calif.) said, “We raced faster than we have in previous regattas, and the V4 boat was a lot closer to the front three than they have been in past races. This upcoming weekend we are racing against the whole west coast, we’ll see what happens down there.”