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Featured Athlete: Andrea Leiken

Running is an important aspect of many of today’s most popular sports. However, running is not the sole goal, it is just the means of getting the ball or running to home.

For track runners, running is an art; a skill that has been developed from the moment they first placed their feet on the starting line. Logger Andrea Leiken is one such runner.

“I have always loved track and field. Part of the reason I have stuck with track is because I really like to be a part of a team where everyone is incredibly supportive. My motivation comes from a desire to be truly the best that I can be and continue to improve my times. I have set some high goals for myself and for my teammates this year because I know that we have a lot of potential,” Leiken said.

Leiken has broken a total of four indoor records in the 400 meter.  She set the record during last year’s season and has broken it three times over the course of the current track season.

“I actually held the previous indoor 400 meter school record. I broke it last year during an indoor meet and have since broken it three times during indoor season this year, lowering my time every meet. It is now a 1:01.01. I actually do not remember the school record before I broke it for the first time last year,” Leiken said.

On top of breaking the record for the 400m multiple times, Leiken also holds the indoor record for the 200 meter after breaking it in Idaho at the Bronco Open.

“I also broke the indoor school record in the 200m in Idaho last weekend at the Bronco open. The previous record was a 27.30 and I broke it with a 26.81. My relay team has also broken the indoor school record in the 4×400 this year. However, the record for the relay was actually just established last year. It’s exciting to break records and it’s getting me really amped to begin the outdoor season. So far I have been running really well and I want to see what I can do in our conference this year in the 400m, 200m, and relays,” Leiken said.

Outdoor records have stood for much longer than those set indoors, but as the season progresses, Leiken will continue to train hard, her motivation unwavering. Although she has been participating in track and field since the sixth grade, she has shown no signs of stopping.