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Athlete of the Issue: Cade Streeter 

Cade Streeter, freshman golfer extraordinaire, in action. Photo Credit: Connor Robbins, used with premission

Congratulations to Athlete of the Issue Cade Streeter! Streeter, a freshman, has already impressed campus with his tee-rific skills on the golf course. During the 2023 NWC Fall Classic Invite, Streeter led the men’s team with a tie for 2nd place; the men’s team finished 8th overall while the women’s team finished 6th. Golf is Streeter’s bread and putter; The Trail wishes him the best for the rest of the season. Logger Golf’s next tournament is Mar. 9-10 at the Puget Sound invitational. 


Q: Golfing requires one to be relaxed but focused. Do you have any habits or skills that help you stay in a good headspace during competition? 

A: Golf is one of, if not the, most mentally demanding sports there is. While I practice training my physical skills daily, I do the same for my mental game. Bad shots happening, training the mind to accept those and move on is an aspect of the game that I find the most important, and I’ve done and continue to do mental exercises to keep me in a good spot mentally.

Q: How does being in a rainy state affect training and competition for your sport?  

A: Golf is a sport that takes place solely outside, while most winter days are cold and rainy, that does not stop us from getting work done. Unlike many other schools, we don’t have any indoor practice facilities for bad weather days, so no matter the weather, we are outside getting work done. Rain or shine the grind don’t stop.

Q: What are you most proud of from your time in the sport?

A: I only started golfing about three and a half years ago, which compared to many, is still fairly new. Over these past few years golf has challenged me more than any other sport ever has, I am most proud of my hard work, dedication and continued commitment to the game. Staying dedicated to golf has helped me get to where I am today.

Q: How do you balance the individual and team aspirations of golf, where you can place both as an individual and as a team?

A: As surprising as this is, golf is as much a team sport as any other. Every shot matters for not only your score, but also the team score. The team will always come first no matter what. Every shot I hit is for the team, my individual status during the tournament rarely matters. Going into every round I do everything I can to put the team in the best spot.

Q: What is your favorite memory from logger golf?

A: Even though I am all of one semester into my logger golf experience, I have already had countless unforgettable memories. My favorite memories are probably in the hotel room or out to dinner after the round. Talking with my teammates for hours about our rounds and the rounds to come. Those conversations have been some of the most impactful, yet interesting talks I think I’ve ever had.