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The Puget Sound Sex Bucket List

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Firstly a disclaimer that The Trail does not condone any forms of abuse or harm and reaffirms that consent is an essential and necessary part of any and all sexual acts. With that, please perform safe sex practices and let those freak flags fly baby!  

  A sex bucket list is nowhere near a revolutionary idea. It’s the grown-up version or dirty version of the bucket lists we make throughout life with our dream travel destinations, activities, and tasks. Now a sex bucket list is literally just what it says: a bucket list of things that people want to do related to sex and/or sexuality. Today there is a very regimented and constrictive view of what sex is and what it should look like. Does sex have to involve penetration? Is missionary the only position where sex can be labeled love making? Kinks, desires, and wants have been routinely shamed by society, leading many to suppress their “darker” sexual desires, even if their desires are not all that dark. The University of Puget Sound is full of students who are excited to share what they want in bed or out of it. 

  Through an anonymous Google form, Puget Sound students were able to share their thoughts and feelings about their own sex bucket lists, and we’re here to spill the deets. Comments on their lists varied. People sent in locations, different positions, requests for general pleasure, or just bids to lose their virginity. Please note that the following content is sexually explicit. Read it at your own risk but here are some of the favorites and we hope you enjoy them! 

Best Locations: “hot tub,” “F**k in a church specifically a choir loft,” “outdoors sex,” “Have sex in the schiff sex turret,” “a library in a secluded aisle where all the books can watch,” “sex on top of jones,” “F**k in the presidents house ;),” “going to a sex club,” “Probably the plane,” “sex on a beach,” “sex in a classroom,” “the dressing room of a theater during intermission,” “sex in a ski gondola, anal on a highway overpass,” 

#1 Thing On the Bucket List to Complete: “older women,” “making a sextape,” “Ryan Reynolds,” “Orgasming!!” “69,” “hot gay sex,” “threesome with two other women,” “peg a man,” “getting dominated,” “PEGGING,” “on face or bending her over the table,” 

Best Sex Acts: “have sex on shrooms,” “cum bucket,” “giving a golden shower and kissing a girl with my cum in her mouth,” “Saw-style s**t,” “Anal, impregnation, latex, oil,” “threesome,” “probably be an anonymous gloryhole,” “orgy,” “getting handcuffed/tied up,” “Getting cucked by multiple guys,” “using an ice cube in my hooha,”

Girl WTF But You do You: “I would like to see a male penis. Just to look, not to touch,” “Among other things being killed and then my blood sucked by lady Gaga as a high priestess vampire,” “idk I think tentacles is a little out there but gee golly what can a girl do these days,” “CNC [Consensual Non-Consensual] scene,” “losing a limb,” 

Good Luck My Logger: “Scoring Ryan Reynolds,” “lose my virginity,” “sit on my girlfriends face because she won’t stop pestering me about it (with love),” “Being little spoon to Ryan Reynolds,” 

Don’t Worry I Believe In You: “Sex with someone who loves me,” “have sex,”  “an orgasm,” “have sex with a loyal marriage partner,” 

God Damn Peeps: “Ride a man till he cries,” “Hit a man till he’s begging for it,” “Getting my back torn to shreds by my girl,”

Personal Favorites: “having sex on the sun deck of a yacht in the middle of the ocean,” & “Two glasses of prosecco, dim lit room, fire place, multiple furniture options, light bondage, lace knee high socks and red garters, red lipstick, a corset to unlace, sex swing, wax play, blindfolds, and a strap-on of course.” 

Haters: “to make the trail a credible newspaper that doesn’t get tarnished by sexual aspirations,” & “This article topic should have stayed in the drafts lol,”

Thank you for all the amazing responses! Stay safe out there Loggers and tune into the happy trail in our next issue!