Correcting ignorance on the prostate

By Lucas Takif

I was a little confused when this article on the prostate was first pitched to me. My editor told me that I’m one of the first male writers for the sex column in a couple years. The Trail has been wanting to destigmatize taboo masculine issues — specifically for this article, the prostate. Some quick searching showed me that this was a part of my biology I heard about only once in high school science that had ties to both cancer and sex. An academic article from 2017 mentioned that a Google search about prostate-induced orgasms returned 383,000 results. The same search now produces 1,500,000. I was vastly ignorant of this growing area and practice, and there’s a chance you are too.

Prostate Fun Fact #1 A prostate weighs around 1 ounce, the size of a AA battery or five quarters. The prostate is a reproductive organ found in people assigned male at birth between the penis and the bladder. It’s the organ that creates the milky white fluid in semen. The enzymes keep semen uncoagulated so sperm can flow freely in reproduction. It also can create feelings of pleasure when stimulated externally or internally. On the more negative side, prostate cancer is the second most common type of cancer for people assigned male at birth. Risk is affected by race and family history, but most importantly by age, as 99% of cases occur after age 50. Although prostate cancer outcomes depend on age, health status, and the aggression of the cancer, it is not usually fatal.

Scientifically, we don’t really know why the prostate gives pleasure. The leading theory is that because the concentration of nerves alongside the outer surface of the gland continues into the same nerves used in the penis, the brain receives them similarly. Dr. Roy J Levin of the University of Sheffield biomedical department says, “there can be little doubt that stimulating the prostate via the rectal wall can create ecstatic feelings that are exceptionally pleasurable.”

To stimulate the prostate, use a sex toy or a finger. According to research done by Dr. Levin, in either case, the target is about two inches deep inside your anus closest to your front. Make sure anything you use is clean since it’s easy to transmit bacteria and viruses through the rectal wall. If you are using a finger, it’s also recommended to be careful with nails. Either cutting and dulling them down or wearing gloves is advised. If you are using a toy, make sure it is built for anal play and has a flared end. Due to proximity to the bladder, stimulating the prostate sometimes makes people feel like they need to pee. Urinating beforehand is a good method to avoid that. Having a bowel movement and a shower are also recommended for a clean entry and exit.

Prostate Fun Fact #2 During an orgasm induced by prostate, the ejaculation commences without pelvic contraction.

The prostate is a strangely unknown organ for how relevant it is to people’s lives. It’s biologically essential for reproduction, the source of a common cancer, and it occupies a strange place in sexual pleasure. I think it’s important for us to stay knowledgeable and open-minded about our own bodies and explore to whatever comfort level we choose. Stay safe, Loggers.