Letter from the Editor

Dear Campus Community,


I’m writing today to follow up about the offensive image published in the Combat Zone on March 15 and let you know more about how we plan to respond and move forward.


First, though, I want to clarify that though myself and my staff members have reached out to different experts and resources on campus to ask for advice on how to respond to this situation, ultimately our mistakes and our response are our own and no one else’s, and we take full responsibility for them.


As far as our current planned response, in an upcoming issue the Combat Zone staff will publish a full spread relating to the image itself and why it was unacceptable, as well as reflections and history about satire and race more broadly. Our hope is that members of the campus community can learn from our mistake and use the information as a starting point for self-examination and research about how to confront racism in their own lives.


As Editor-in-Chief, I am committed to improving The Trail and welcome any suggestions on how to do so by email at trail@pugetsound.edu.



Becca Miserlian

Trail Editor-in-Chief