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Comparing Marshawn Lynch’s career moments


LUKIE : Beast Mode 2.0

After “Beast Mode” was born in the 2010 playoff run against the Saints, every fan, analyst and coach was searching for what they could call Beast Mode 2.0. There were runs against the New Orleans Saints in the 2013 divisional playoffs, a run where he destructed Dashon Goldson of the San Francisco 49ers and nearly every game where he went Beast Mode at some point to set the tone for the Seahawks. One run stands alone. Playing the Cardinals at the end of the 2014 season, the Seahawks were up 21-6 in the fourth quarter. It had been a tough game for Lynch as he had barely played in the first half due to an upset stomach. It simply didn’t matter, that was one of things that Marshawn Lynch could do, turn it on at any moment. On that play, Lynch broke a tackle at the line, cut back towards the sideline, met two Cardinals defenders there and shoved them both out of the way while keeping his feet in bounds. He then broke free, shook off another tackle and made his way to the end zone. It was truly mesmerizing.

NICK: Seahawks vs. Giants, Nov. 7, 2010: The first glimpse of Beastmode

In Week 9 of the 2010 season, the Seahawks faced off against the New York Giants, failing miserably 41-7. While this game was an embarrassing loss, it gave fans the first glimpse of the “beastmode” that lay within Marshawn Lynch.  Trailing 21-0 in the 1st quarter, Seahawks quarterback Charlie Whitehurst handed the ball off to Lynch on a 2nd and 6.  Lynch was originally wrapped up by a defensive end a half yard behind the line of scrimmage.  For most running backs, the play would end here, but not Lynch. After being wrapped up, Lynch continued to drive his legs and keep fighting.  He dragged the defensive end and four other Giants through a pile for a seven yard gain. He almost broke free and ran for a touchdown, but was finally dragged down.  Had Lynch scored on the play, it would’ve shown through all of his career highlight reels; instead the play will just have to stand as one of the greatest seven yard runs of all time.

LUKIE: Monday Night Football vs. Eagles (2011)

Back when the Seahawks were below-average and had just acquired Lynch, they played the Eagles on Monday Night Football in a non-exciting game. However, Lynch had one of his signature moments in that game. Early in the first half, the Seahawks were driving and were inside the Eagles 20 yard-line. They gave the ball to Lynch, and he pulled out a Houdini act. He ran into a wall of defenders, and it seemed to everyone in the stadium that the play was over … not so fast. Lynch kept his legs moving (a mark of him) in a pile that was similar to a rugby scrum and somehow emerged on the other side and ran into the end zone for a touchdown. The announcers were befuddled, the Eagles were befuddled, frankly everyone was. He was amazing.

NICK: Seahawks vs. Ravens, Nov. 13, 2011: Marshawn Lynch jukes Ray Lewis out of his shorts

In one of the defining games of the 2011 season, the Seahawks beat the Baltimore Ravens, giving fans a glimpse of the team’s exciting and bright future.  With 3 minutes left in the game, the Seahawks drove, trying to kill the clock while leading 22-17.  Facing a 3rd and 5, starting quarterback Tavaris Jackson dumped a check down pass to Marshawn Lynch.  Two Ravens, including future Hall of Famer Ray Lewis, rapidly closed in on Lynch and it appeared he would be tackled just short of the 1st down marker.  Instead of just falling forward, Lynch leaned toward his left and suddenly sprung horizontally to his right, leaving Ray Lewis doing the splits while the other Raven dove for air and landed flat on his face.  This is the sort of juke move you see in arcade video games, not in real life. This moment not only left Lewis knock-kneed, but also demonstrated an incredibly underrated part of Lynch’s game, being his finesse as a runner.

LUKIE: NFC Championship Game vs. Packers(2014)

The Seahawks were in the midst of a massive comeback, they just needed someone to finish it. Marshawn Lynch was your man. After recovering the onside-kick, they drove the ball to the Packers 24 and from there, #24 took it. That go ahead touchdown run was filled with elation considering that it was happening in the NFC championship game. Even though the game went into overtime and the Seahawks won, that moment will always stick in my mind.

NICK: Seahawks vs. Broncos, Sep. 21, 2014: Marshawn loses a dread

With the Seahawks leading the Broncos 17-3 late in the 3rd quarter of a Super Bowl XLVIII rematch, Seahawks quarterback dumped off a short pass to Lynch along the left side of the field.  Lynch took off down the sideline where he was spun out of bounds by a Broncos’ defender.  Before Lynch returned to the field of play he bent over to pick something up.  The replay camera zooms in, showing a single dreadlock that had been ripped out by the Broncos player.  Lynch casually tucks the dreadlock into his sock and jogs back to the huddle completely unfazed.  When asked about the event in a later interview, Lynch responded, “I had to R.I.P. one [the dreadlock], you know what I’m saying? I had to R.I.P. one. Had a nice service when I got home.”



LUKIE: Super Bowl Parade

After the Seahawks won the 2013 Super Bowl against the Broncos, we all gathered in Seattle to watch the parade. That day was freezing but it didn’t matter one bit because of the significance of the moment. Marshawn Lynch made it that much better. In the parade, the players were coming by in Ride the Ducks trucks, and standing on top of the front of the truck with music blasting was Lynch. He looked so happy, relaxed and pretty damn cool.

NICK:  Super Bowl XLVIII Media Day: “I’m just about that action boss.”

While nothing but repeated catch phrases were used in the media days leading up to Super Bowl XLIX, Lynch did give one interview the year before at Super Bowl XLVIII where he said one of the most iconic quotes of his career.  Approached by Hall of Famer and analyst for the NFL network Deon Sanders, Lynch gave a four minute interview where he talked about his excitement for the game, his expectations for the team and more.  When Sanders asked him why he didn’t like to talk to the media Lynch responded “I ain’t got nothing to say. I’m just about that action boss.”  A quote has never been more appropriate to describe Marshawn Lynch.  While his personality and lifestyle remain mysterious to the fans, Marshawn Lynch was a man who loved the game of football, played for his teammates and had unmatched determination.  He truly was about that action (boss).

LUKIE: “I’m Going To Get Mine More Than I Get Got”

In an interview with former Seahawks Fullback and good friend Michael Robinson, Lynch dropped this quote in reference to what happens on the field with Beast Mode. I just love it.

NICK: Seahawks Super Bowl Parade

A few days after the Seahawks won Super Bowl XLVIII, the city of Seattle hosted a championship parade.  Throughout the excitement and euphoria of the whole event, Marshawn Lynch once again stole the show.  While the rest of his teammates rode in army trucks, Marshawn chose to stand on the hood of a Duck (a unique tourist bus) that led the entire parade.  For the two hours the Seahawks paraded through the street Lynch danced in his Beastmode brand clothing, throwing Skittles in the air, banging a drum given to him by a fan and drinking Fireball Whiskey provided by another bystander.

LUKIE: “I’m Just ‘Bout That Action, Boss”

Man, there are so many quotes that I could have put down here, but this one is a classic. During the Media Day for Super Bowl XLVII against the Broncos, Lynch had an interview with Deion Sanders discussing everything about him and the game. He never wants to talk and repeats that with this quote here saying that he only cares about playing, not the interviews that he does. It will stick with him forever, his quotes are immortal.

NICK: Postgame Press Conference, NOV. 23, 2014: “Yeah”

After the Seahawks defeated the Arizona Cardinals 19-3 Marshawn Lynch was surrounded by media for an interview.  Lynch traditionally skipped media interviews but had to pay several fines as it is league policy that players have to talk to the media after games.  Lynch who apparently had grown tired of these fines, decided that he would finally talk to the media.  But instead of giving real answers to questions he instead responded with one word to every question, “Yeah”.  Eventually a “Maybe” and “no” were sprinkled in but Marshawn had figured out a way to cheat the system.  The “Yeah” press conference later inspired other defiant press conferences that included quotes such as “I’m just here so I don’t get fined,” and, “You know why I’m here,” as well as, “I appreciate you asking,” all of which added to the hilarious and mysterious character that is Marshawn Lynch.