U21 Scene Enlivened by New Venue

It’s a Friday night and you’re looking for something to do, but you’re under 21. You know you want to go out for the night, but where? The bars and other nightlife scenes in Tacoma are off limits to you.

To the students under 21, this scenario may sound all too familiar. While there seems to be a multitude of activities for the more outdoor-oriented students here at UPS, when it comes to nightlife there are not many options for a young Tacoma resident.

“I think it’s because we’re in Tacoma,” sophomore Gaea Villaroya said.

Though it has many charms and perks, Tacoma is a suburban town, and often finding exciting activities requires traveling the distance to Seattle. For those without means of transportation, this can seem like a challenging feat to pull off.

One place that stands out as a one-of-a-kind venue is 733 Entertainment. Located in a beautifully and boldly colored old-fashioned building in downtown Tacoma, the building has three floors, each of which functions as a different space. On the third floor is a dramatic ballroom where many live shows are held because of its powerful acoustics. It can be transformed from a sophisticated dining space in the daytime to a rock and roll concert by night.

The first floor, however, is where they have the proper space for the majority of their events. These can range from comedy shows to live theater, VFX work, and television and radio production. Although a few of their events might be designated for people under 21, most of their events are open to all ages. They are also building a new building attached to the original location to accompany their current location on Pacific Avenue.

“The first floor will show the Pacific side of the block how our organization sees what can be done when real artistry,” Alease Frieson, manager at 733, said.

Apart from being an artistic mecca, 733 also is notable for their mastery of technology.

“Becoming a major resource to artists all around also means becoming a technology center,” Frieson said.

“The 733 is more than just a space for live music. We’re transforming the building into a full service art space, where music, cinema, visual arts and the artists who energize those mediums can intersect with commerce in a way that’s not just supportive, but supporting,” Frieson said.

If you are searching for a creative space to inspire you or even to display your work, 733 is the place to go.

“Ultimately, our mission is to become a beacon to creatives,” Frieson said.

While there are currently not many places as age-friendly as 733 currently serving Tacoma at the moment, it is a sign of hope for the opening of future venues. Hopefully, 733 will lead the way to the establishment of more all-age locations around Tacoma.