Challenge yourself to 30 days of yoga

One of the newest trends on campus seems to be completing the 30-day challenge at Expand Yoga. The challenge is simple: the participant  pays for an unlimited month of yoga. It’s $100 for community members; however,  students receive a discount of 50 percent, lowering the cost to only $50. That’s not the real challenge though. The real challenge is attending class every day for 30 days.

If the challenger is able to do this, they get their next month of yoga free.

According to the staff, the challenge changes lives.

Committing to something for 30 days is hard, especially as a student. Not to mention it’s one you have to drive or bike to. But, not to worry, there are exceptions to this challenge; the challenger is allowed to miss two out of the 30 days.

However, one can’t miss two days in a row, and if the challenger misses one day they have to go to two classes the next day. Other than this, the participant can go to any of the classes, at any of the times, and as often as they want.

The most common classes offered are the Hot Vinyasa and Original Hot. The Hot Vinyasa is a class for all levels, that focuses on connecting each breath with the movements while the room temperature is held approximately at 95 degrees.

The Original Hot contains a series of 26 poses designed to stretch, strengthen and develop balance. The temperature is held at 100 degrees.

Although these are the most common classes offered, I do not suggest limiting oneself to just these two. Beth Hoy is a Puget Sound student and a current challenger.

Hoy’s favorite class is the closing class on Sunday at 7:30 p.m. This class is only offered once a week because they have live music played while one is working out.

“The music is really soothing, and makes the class more relaxing, but you have to get there early or the class will fill up,” Hoy said.

A class that would be best for beginners is Inversions. As the name implies, the majority of the time in class one will be upside down doing headstands in the center of the room. If you aren’t quite at that level just yet, you are allowed to use the wall. The purpose of this class is not only to work on the ability to do a headstand but also arm strength and balance.

“I was hesitant at first to go to an inversion class, it is more difficult but a lot of fun too,” Allie Hoy said. Hoy has completed the challenge, and gone to multiple Inversion classes.

After doing the challenge I have some tips for you. First, remember to stay hydrated.  During these classes you will sweat a lot and you need to rehydrate afterwards, or else you will notice it the next day in class.

Second, use a towel over your mat. A towel can be washed but your mat cannot.

Third, do this with a group of friends, it’s easier to do if you aren’t doing it alone. It also provides a chance to carpool so you can save some money on gas.

My last tip is to not get discouraged; there are people in these classes who have been doing this for a while. If you have just started you will most likely not be at the same level as them. That does not mean you cannot get there though. Go try a class, and if you like it, try the 30-day challenge.