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Sex outdoors: a great escape?

The weather is warming up, and clothes are being stripped off. Summer is just around the corner, and it seems like the perfect time to explore sex outside!

But before you frolic around town, there are a couple things that you should consider.

First of all, what are we talking about here? When I talk about outdoor sex, I don’t mean sex in remote wilderness locations for just you, your partner and the mountains. Many might think of that as the ideal.

I’m talking about sex in public and semi-public places. Parks, backyards, fields and beaches are all examples of what I have in mind.

Is exploring your sexuality too taboo in these spaces? Can you really get it on with your partner in public?

I want to make the case that it is. But first, we have to take into consideration several factors that come into play whenever you mix public space and private activities.

Firstly, you should always take into account the space’s function and who uses it. For example, a large public beach at midnight might be a better option than say, a playground at four in the afternoon.

Remember that people use public spaces for many other reasons than sex, and that you’re there as a visitor. It’s a not so much fun to make eye contact with a passing stranger when you’re getting down and dirty in the woods. That is unless, of course, you’re into that kind of thing.

Secondly, always remember that public spaces are not generally legally open for you and your partner to fool around in. Sex outside is fun, but sex in the back of a police car…well that might be fun in a different way.

The important thing is to remember that you’re a guest. You’re not going to be in the clear with the law. You’re using the space for something other than what it’s intended for, and that’s not going to be okay with everyone.

Now, there are some claims against sex in public spaces. Some might say that by having sex in a public space, you’re infringing upon another’s right to use the space. That your actions are taking away people’s right to enjoy that space.

This can easily be avoided by taking into account the times that a space is used and the activities that happen there. As previously mentioned, when you take into consideration other people’s use of the space, you make sure that your fun isn’t infringing upon others’ right to use the space.

So what then? Well, I’m not saying that you should go and fornicate in any business park you like; however, feel free to explore. You might end up finding the experience liberating. You might find out that it’s not for you.

Ultimately, I think it has the potential to make you comfortable exploring your world. After all, what’s a positive sex life without some healthy exploration?