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The A&E team is responsible for making sure campus events related to arts and entertainment are covered in an interesting, creative, and thoughtful manner. A&E section will often cover previews, reviews and features of student musical groups, artistic groups and exhibits, theater productions, performers visiting the university, local off-campus A&E events, and reviews of movies, albums, concerts, restaurants, books and entertainment venues.

If you would like to contact the A&E editor, send email to:

Arts & Entertainment Desk Staff:

Noah Lumbantobing, Arts & Entertainment Editor, from Portland, Ore., is studying Politics and Government and Natural Science with an emphasis in Biology. He enjoys beards, Orca whales, and gardening, and intends on retiring on a Canadian farm where he can enjoy snow, free healthcare, and vegetables.

Tyler Sherman, from Los Angeles, Calif., is an English major with an emphasis in Literature. He has been involved with journalism on and off since high school. In his free time, he loves reading, writing, and watching gratuitous science fiction movies with friends. But mostly, he loves dogs.

Casey Dey, from Sierra Vista, Ariz., is studying Communications and Theatre with dreams of being a theatre critic for the BBC and a Disney Imagineer. This is her second year with the Trail. What free time she has is spent singing her heart out to her favorite show tunes, writing plays, cooking gourmet meals, and filling up her mental hard drive with Disney trivia.

Evan “it’s certainly no Yeezus” Boucher, from Portland, Ore. “or close enough,” is a senior Religion major who has yet to not find g/God(s). After a brief affair with language, Evan has dedicated his life to the worship and study of nonverbal communication & the hidden interactions of spirits. Evan writes music reviews for the Trail, with the ulterior motive of using, as often as possible, Kanye West’s 2013 magnum opus as a means of locating music on a spectrum of accessibility. Evan spends all his time preparing for the end of capitalism & doesn’t like his pronouns.

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