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The Combat Zone team is responsible for presenting insightful, well-informed, and humorous satire. Its purpose is to use satire as a tool to aggressively expose university-related issues and problems, providing readers with unique information and viewpoints. Because of the sensitive nature of many potential topics of the Combat Zone, material presented aims to be either provably true or clearly false to prevent questions of libel, and no individual persons or organizations are ever meant to be unfairly and/or excessively attacked.

[Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by the Combat Zone do not necessarily reflect those of the Trail, ASUPS student government, concerned parties or the University of Puget Sound. Please send compliments, complaints or suggestions in the form of a letter to the editor:]

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Combat Zone Staff:

Sara Harvey, Editor, from Miami, FL is an IPE and Spanish Literature double major. She has, in fact, seen snow. If she adopted a dog it would be a retired greyhound she would rename Sweet Dee.

Jordyn Atkinson, Copy Editor, from Denver, Colo., is a first year at the University interested in studying French and Gender Studies. This is her first year involved in any student journalism. She enjoys playing the piano, practicing yoga, and has an impressive cilantro garden.

Nick Louie, also known as Curious Me, is a junior psychology major and Spanish minor from Oakland, Calif. In his free time, he enjoys cooking (especially breakfast and dinner), cruising through a diversity of geographic landscapes on a variety of wheeled modes of transportation, and engaging in amateur photography of adorable animals of all shapes and sizes.

Hutch The Great hails from Saturn’s moon Titan and came here to attend college despite warnings about the dangers of people. He doesn’t believe in the concept of a major, but will probably end up being a communication major with an emphasis in media studies. This is his 5th reincarnation and his 2nd time on Earth (the first time he was Ghandi). He enjoys plotting a global takeover and laughing at the steady decline of society into a pit of eternal darkness.

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