The News team aims to cover events and stories pertaining to the University of Puget Sound and, on occasion, the city of Tacoma. This section will often cover campus news concerning the administration, ASUPS (student government), the Greek system, student clubs and organizations, individual student achievements, Faculty Senate, extraordinary campus events and more much. The News desk may also choose to cover local and national issues, as they pertain to students.

If you have an idea for a potential story for the News team, email the News section editor ( or the Trail editor (

The Trail News Desk Staff:

Nayra Halajian, News Editor, from Los Angeles studies Communications with a minor in Politics and Government. She is extremely passionate about journalism, especially as it relates to Tacoma and UPS. In her free time, she listens to Hop Along and reads the New York Times. If you have questions or concerns you can reach out to her at