The Happy Trail is The Trail‘s weekly sex column that seeks to inform the community on issues related to sexuality and gender by addressing these topics in an education-based way. Our mission is to make the campus a safer place by normalizing and demystifying topics like safer sex practices, non-hetero sexualities, kinks and polyamory, while shedding light on topics like trans rights, sexual and domestic violence, gender inequalities and intersectionality. Happy Trail correspondents are not medical professionals; if you have a medical concern contact CHWS or a local clinic.

Happy Trail Staff:

Nayla Lee, Happy Trail Editor, is from Long Beach, California. She is a Business & Leadership major and an African American Studies minor. You can probably find her eating garlic or trying to look at her vagina with a handmirror (for research).

Emma Holmes is a senior Business major and Geology minor from Minnesota. She’s a proud Midwestern mom of zero who enjoys talking about body positivity, birth control, and emotional awareness. Her hobbies include over-sharing, frequent naps, and kitchen dance parties.