Happy Trail

The Happy Trail is The Trail‘s weekly sex column that seeks to inform the community on issues related to sexuality and gender by addressing these topics in an education-based way. Our mission is to make the campus a safer place by normalizing and demystifying topics like safer sex practices, non-hetero sexualities, kinks and polyamory, while shedding light on topics like trans rights, sexual and domestic violence, gender inequalities and intersectionality. Happy Trail correspondents are not medical professionals; if you have a medical concern contact CHWS or a local clinic. Otherwise, direct your sexuality and gender questions to trailheyyou@pugetsound.edu. Respond to Happy Trail articles in the form of a letter to the editor sent to trail@pugetsound.edu.

Happy Trail Staff:

Sara Harvey, Editor, from Miami, FL is an IPE and Spanish Literature double major. She has, in fact, seen snow. If she adopted a dog it would be a retired greyhound she would rename Sweet Dee.

Ian Hughes, from Mukilteo, Wa., is an Economics and Mathematics Major. He is a member of Puget Sound’s baseball team and the Tamanawas yearbook. His current free-time hobbies include, but are not limited to, reading, watching movies, and doodling during class.

Daniel Wolfert, from Palo Alto, CA, is a junior music composition major.  He is a Puget Sound Logger Blogger, a member of the Adelphians Concert choir and a member of the Beta Theta Pi Fraternity, as well as a musical co-director of the mixed a cappella group Underground Sound.  He harbors a deep love for magical realism, large dogs and all types of tea.

Maggy Di Costanzo, otherwise known as Pat N. Diaz, from Berkeley, Calif., is a Communication studies major with an emphasis in Health and Relationships and minors in Gender studies. She studied abroad in Amsterdam where she conducted her own research on sexual communication within relationships and worked in a women-owned sex shop. In her free time she enjoys baking pies, drinking café au laits, and caring for her succulents, Spike and Fluffy.

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