Limited class space causes registration woes

As the 2012 Spring Registration period came to a close on Nov. 11, the newest students at Puget Sound confirmed their schedules.  Unfortunately for them, the most popular classes at the university had already closed on Nov. 4.

Using detailed records of the last five semesters from the Office of the Registrar, The Trail has found the most sought-after classes offered at Puget Sound.

Based on a list of classes with all spots filled at the end of the first day of the week-long registration period, the Science, Technology and Society course Mars Exploration beat out the Idea of Wine (IPE405) and Children’s Literature (HUM300) with a waitlist of 16 to HUM300’s and IPE405’s 15.  These three most popular classes fulfill the Connections core requirement and are available to students of all majors.  The Idea of Wine has historically been the most popular class at the university, with an average of 17 students on the waitlist at the close of the first day and a 26-person waitlist for the 22-seat class in Fall 2010.  Upperclassmen should note that Connections classes reach capacity the fastest, with the Harlem Renaissance (CONN375), Never-Never Land (CONN387), and Cosmological Thought (STS314) all closing the first day with students on the waitlist.

Other popular classes for Spring 2012 included  Introduction to Ceramics (ART247), with a 12-person waitlist, and  Washington State Professor of the Year Nancy Bristow’s Vietnam War (HIST361) class, with ten people waiting.

For those looking to gain activity credits, the three sections of Beginning Yoga (PE150) had a combined 26 students on the waitlist at the close of the first day of registration.  All yoga classes have closed on the first day every semester since Spring 2010.  Beginning Rock Climbing (PE134), Tai Chi (PE147), and Beginning Bowling (PE141) have also historically closed quickly.

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