Japan disaster: How you can help

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On Mar. 11, Japan was hit by a magnitude-9.0 earthquake, triggering a devastating tsunami and radiation leakage from a crippled nuclear plant. The disaster has claimed an estimated 10,000 lives, and millions are now with little food, water or heating in near-freezing temperatures.

It can be difficult to comprehend devastation in orders of magnitude so far beyond what we normally experience, and it can be equally difficult to know how best to lend financial support to help disaster relief. And in an age of ongoing identity theft and internet fraudulence, we can be increasingly reluctant to lend our credit card number out to any more web sites than we think absolutely necessary.

If you are unsure how to navigate the decision, consider donating through an organization that already has your payment information. For many of us, organizations like Amazon and iTunes already have our digits, and with the click of a few buttons we can easily send our support.

If you would like like to donate to the American Red Cross via Amazon’s payment system, click here.

You can donate via iTunes here.

The American Red Cross works with its humanitarian partners in Japan to provide medical care and relief assistance to those affected in the region. Whatever assistance you can offer will greatly help millions in desperate need of food, water, shelter and support during this tragedy.



  • Wouldn’t it make more sense to direct people to donate via the Japanese Red Cross at http://www.jrc.or.jp/english/relief/l4/Vcms4_00002070.html – ? You amercan hipsters and your Apple Computer Co. fetish really go to far. If you want relief aid and donations to get where it counts, when it counts donate to an appropriate organisation where you know the entire proceeds of donations received will be directed into disaster relief.

  • Way to introduce a monstrous catastrophe. Their are many way’s to help, donating being one big way. How about calling on disaster relief companies that offer such help like Disaster Solutions, Clean Water Toilets. This is what organizations like the National Guard Do. The American Red Cross is heaven sent, I think that, people are so caught up in the aftermath, they forget to just grind and find concise solutions. Japan will make a recovery, and swift action from countries abroad, will aid in that process.

  • it’s not only prayers that can work for them but also material help. we should join hands to help our brothers and sisters. i would love to be one of the material helpers.

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