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Brace yourselves for what you’re about to hear: contrary to popular belief, Tacoma in fact does have a pretty interesting set of alternatives to your typical house-party. Consider this as a short-list of some of the most intriguing forms of alternative entertainment in Pierce County.

Tallhouse Arts Consortium

The Tallhouse Arts Consortium is a circus-variety troupe based out of Olympia which puts on shows in Olympia, Tacoma, Seattle and other surrounding areas. Acts generally include juggling, aerial fabric, trapeze, contortion and partner acrobatics.

Most recently, the Tallhouse Arts Consortium put on a western-themed Valentine’s Day show titled “Kiss Me or I will Shoot You” at the Brotherhood Lounge in Olympia, which featured Puget Sound alumna, contortionist and former Cirque du Sound president Jacki Ward.

Sara Sparrow, a TAC troupe member, also performs professionally for Teatro Zinzanni in Seattle, as well as the Aerialistas, an Olympia-based aerialist troupe. In short, the shows are well worth the (often) modest cover charge, but unfortunately are only accessible to those 21 and over.

Gritty City Sirens

Those of you who were around for Tacoma’s First Night on New Year’s Eve may have seen the debut of the Gritty City Sirens, a Tacoma-based burlesque troupe. Although they have made only a handful of appearances since their debut, the troupe of five women puts on a fun and saucy performance, with all of the attitude and pomp and circumstance that one expects of burlesque.

They have hitherto performed for free at various venues, but may be restricted to audiences 21 and over. Keep your eyes open for this up-and-coming troupe.

Dockyard Derby Dames

Dockyard Derby Dames is the official Pierce County Roller Derby league. Competitions are hosted throughout Pierce County, with one coming up on April 2 at Pierce College. Highly competitive and fast-paced, the average price of DDD tickets—a modest $5—is more than worth the price to watch war on rollerblades.

Minors rejoice! Unlike the former two, Dockyard Derby Dames’ matches are generally open to all ages.

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