Who’s Running For ASUPS President?

Ivin Yu

Ivin is a junior studying Molecular and Cellular Biology. He’s one of the chemistry tutors at the CWLT, and a volunteer at St Joseph’s Medical Center. His hobbies include singing in choirs, dancing in RDG, watching Disney movies and partaking in spontaneous musical numbers.

Ivin’s platform is based on the students. His goal is to create a greater sense of unity on campus, not only among the administration and the students, but with the rest of the Tacoma community as well. He wants to improve the experience of students by listening to their voices and by ensuring that action takes place. He is running for unity, accountability, accessibility, equity, inclusivity, and service.




Collin Noble

Collin Noble is a business and economics major from Boise, Idaho. Collin has, by and large, loved being at Puget Sound and has been involved on campus through ResLife, Greek life, ASUPS and in Student Affairs more broadly. Because he has been given so much by the people on campus, Collin hopes to give back to the community as your ASUPS President. Encouraging student voices and justice work have become established intentions of presidents and Collin will continue to place a high value on supporting all students. Overall, he will seek to open doors and build bridges on campus. Collin has high hopes for the future of ASUPS and Puget Sound and will be working hard to help make them a reality.





Shannon Woods

“Empowering,” “value” and “tenderness” are words that come to mind when Shannon thinks about an environment that is striving for completeness. When Shannon think about the Puget Sound community; she sees “developing” and “hope.” Puget Sound defends some groups, but not all; this must change! Shannon believes change starts with one person. Her goal is to work with ASUPS to find out the underlying intentions, motives and willingness to support the whole student body. In previous years Nakisha Renee Jones, Noah Lumbantobing and Amanda Diáz made an incredible improvement in listening and strategizing ways we can support groups such as historically underrepresented students, undocumented students, improve cultural competency around campus and promoting sexual assault prevention. Shannon hopes to continue the legacy with a forward momentum to create a 180-degree change at Puget Sound​​.

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